Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

As you’ll quickly come to learn, I’m almost never serious. Although not always possible, I try to find the humor in things; make light of my blonde moments, moments of absolute stupidity <see previous remark> and even the moments that infuriate me at the time. Even the guy that told me to [and I quote] “never call this f’ing number again—you are so f’ing stupid”, when I called to inquire about a moving quote prior to our big move.  I somehow managed to get a good chuckle out of it after crying like a baby. To clarify, the chuckle didn’t come out of him—oh I was definitely losing that number as quickly as I could say YIKES, but after running to my husband and begging him to call the number back to yell at the rude man, an hour later we were poking fun at me the situation. That’ll teach me to ever call and ask for a moving quote ever again, haha!

But I also promised you I would “keep it real” by documenting the good, the bad (and the not so great) aspects of my journey of following my creative heart, so I’m going to dive into something from a more serious side. Where am I going with this post, you ask? Why did I feel compelled to tell you that humiliating story? While there are indeed too many of them to count, I chose to write about that experience in particular because *I also allowed it to contribute to my fear *I created with this move. I had it all figured out before we even left. If the moving company was inappropriate towards me, then everyone else in Florida is going to be too. I mean, that’s a totally legitimate response, right? Even on the drive down here (after seeing how far.away.we.actually.are) I was reasoning with myself and making remarks to my husband on how much closer North Carolina was to New York, asking if it ever gets cold there during the winters. It does. I digress.

When the hubs and I decided back in January (the 16th to be exact—it’s in a text message haha!) we went full throttle. Up until that point in my life I definitely did a lot of “I’m going to do this” and “I’m going to that” so to speak, and rarely ever followed through with those plans. As I remarked in a previous post {here}, I was always comfortable.  Unlike me, when my husband has an idea and vocalizes it, he’s following through on it. I like to do a lot of talking, and then walk away and never revisit the thought.  So when I had vocalized the desire to move (in the dead of winter) to never ever have to deal with the cold weather or snow, there was no looking back from his perspective. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, and into a place where I became vulnerable, a place I don’t visit too often.

I’ve always been creative, but only had minimal opportunities in my career to actually utilize that creativity. When we decided to make this move I also decided I didn’t want to have a traditional job so I could actually enjoy my time down here, and especially the ocean. Instead, I thought if I could tap into that creative side and turn my hobby into a business, I’d be doing something I truly enjoyed, while interacting with people that wanted to fill their homes with my little goodies. Shortly thereafter I bought a cute little magnet with the saying I posted to my Facebook page earlier today which you can find {here}. But I “rediscovered” that cute little magnet yesterday when I was searching for some thread. That little tid bit of inspiration is now affixed to my desk as a constant reminder of how life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone. When we left New York, I left behind all of my family (except for my sister in Missouri-shout out to the Show Me State!), my friends, a steady income—everything that for the past 36 years was familiar (and routine!) to me, on the hunch that we were going to like Florida. How did we pick this area you ask? Easy. We literally looked at a map of Florida one night and said okay, “which coast”? My surfer husband replied, “the east—it has better waves”.

And so here we are. Every day I try to do something that would normally make me feel uncomfortable as this move has been anything but “comfortable” for me. On Monday I opened my {Etsy shop} which I created every excuse under the sun to delay the process, but it feels great to have accomplished it. Yesterday I tried a new Zumba class. If you don’t know this about me, I am a little cray cray over my Zumba, and am just a tad picky about my instructors. I may have researched her background and credentials, and emailed her a few times first, but I went and LOVED it!  What did you do this week that initially made you uncomfortable that ended up not being so bad after all? If you have yet to this week, make it a point to do so and I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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