>>>One Week Young & Blog Project Features

I’m definitely ready for the rain to subside here in South Florida, although I can’t complain as it’s allowing me to focus on developing items for my Etsy Shop, and tend to little “projects” around the house. Perhaps it’s because it’s a Monday, or because the allure of our move has worn off a bit but I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic these past few days over the changing of the seasons. I’m vicariously living through my family and friends as I read through their Facebook posts about the smell of a crisp Fall day, or their pins on Pinterest of their cozy Fall clothing lineup they’re excited to wear. To that end, you’ll notice that some of the newer items in my shop are paying homage to the harvest season with lots of rustic tones incorporated into the pieces, and of course it’s my opportunity to showcase my obsession with burlap!

Since buying that Annie Sloan Chalk paint I swear nothing is safe in this house! You may have noticed that I’ve added a few items today using my Old White and Louis Blue chalk paints, and if you’re following me on Facebook I indicated that I’d be sharing some of my projects this week! So stay tuned as I share those projects along with a tutorial on the steps I took to give an old wrought iron bench in our Master bedroom a little “face-lift”.

Happy Monday and have a spectacular week!

Stella Minded on Etsy

Stella Minded on Etsy is ONE WEEK YOUNG!


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