Peek at Our Fall Decor

Fall Decor
With all of the madness fun and exciting things happening in our new life here, I have to admit that I’ve slightly neglected the house. I’m sure any newbie seller can relate. I’m preparing for Christmas and into the new year, but totally spaced on remembering it’s still actually autumn (although it feels like summer here), so I should probably snap a few pictures of our fall decor and share with ya’ll before I list our holiday items in the shop.

Until recently I’ve always been a fan of clutter. That is until we began staging and de-cluttering our house in upstate NY in order to put it on the market. In doing so we rented an entire storage unit just for the stuff we were keeping, but needed to move out of the house temporarily to “thin out” our home. Thankfully our house sold in the same day we put it on the market, but from the time leading up to it, and all the way until we handed the keys over at closing, our house (it no longer felt much of a “home” at that point) remained staged and free of clutter. While it no longer felt like our home, living in a clutter free house became more and more appealing to us, and I believe we’ve adopted some of those habits here in our new home. While so much of our decor remains in tubs in a room we’ve designated as storage, slowly I’ve been digging into those bins and finding more and more goodies I can place throughout the house to make it feel more like a home. One of the difficulties I’ve found in moving from a Center Hall Colonial in upstate NY, to a Spanish/Mediterranean style home in South Florida is that not everything is going to fit into a home of this style. But that’s okay, life is all about adapting to change.

With that, enjoy a little taste of some of our fall decor.



I bought these little pumpkins from Michael’s last year for a Harvest themed retirement party I had planned at my previous employer and just threw some paint on them this year. Since I love rubber stamping (I’m a total wanna-be stamper) I stamped a letter on each tag, and the tags I used my tag punch to make. Our barrel centerpiece on our dining room table is actually from Orvis (I know, right?), and the silver platter we picked up at an estate sale a few years back.



I am slightly obsessed with mason jars so they’re everywhere throughout our house. I threw some old egg corns we had left over from last year in the jar and stuck a little candle on top of it. Thank you Pinterest!


My in-laws gave us this gorgeous half moon table and it sits at our front door. The vase is from Tiffany (for obvious reasons this was a wedding gift) and the wheat grass is from Pottery Barn. The pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby last year and the burlap candle holders were a gift from a friend.



Clearly I had way too may of these pumpkins left over from last year, and since those leaves do not readily grow locally, these are also from the Harvest themed party from last year which I had picked up from Michael’s. They actually came on a vine and I enlisted one of my colleagues at the time to cut each of them off, hehe! I used a clothespin to affix the chalkboard tag to the basket which I had bought for our post elopement party at our house from Save on Crafts right {here}.



This old trunk I scored at a garage scale MANY years ago for $35 (!!) and it serves as a “coffee table” in our “formal living room”. Since we’re not at all a formal household, we’ve taken the furniture that was once in our study back in NY and placed it in here. While I’m not a huge fan of the tile floors (I miss the hardwoods we had in our previous home), they’re much more functional and ideal for our dog. The rustic tray is from Pottery Barn, the pumpkin was also painted white this season with my Annie Sloan chalk paint. And those hydrangeas…<sniff sniff> are from our backyard in NY, and were the centerpieces on the tables at our housewarming party when we moved into our house! Yes, they’ve made their way all the way down here thanks to our superb packing skills, haha! The huge burlap pillow was a gift at my wedding shower and do you recognize that Hayrides sign? One of the many benefits of being a seller on Etsy is you get to keep all of your creations! You can find it in my shop {here}.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ve enjoyed! Be sure to pop on over to Stella Minded on Etsy as I’m going to be adding some of the Christmas items to the shop later on today!


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