Something Beautiful

Hi there, friends! I love long weekends when the hubs and I can spend it together. While the both of us do work from a home office (our guest bedrooms transformed into offices are steps from each other), it’s moments that we spend together out of the confines of our offices that I cherish. As much as I love our frank conversations throughout the day consisting of “who’s turn is it to check the mailbox?”, or “can you turn your music down I’m trying to concentrate?”, there’s nothing like being able to totally unplug and enjoy the company of my  better half.

Creativity comes for me in all forms; and at all times–especially when I’m trying to sleep. Sometimes I have to write my ideas down before bed, or quickly type it into my phone if I’m out and about, as I never know just when inspiration is going to hit me. I know I’ve been working on filling the shop with lots and lots of holiday items,  but for the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about putting together a little girl’s garland banner using all of the soft pastel pinks I have in my fabric collection, and had planned on spending part of  my Saturday putting this together. On Saturday morning when I started visually planning the concept for the garland,  I received an email from a sweet and caring young lady named Stephanie who also happened to be a member on Etsy. She and her husband live in NC, and told me the most endearing and sincere story of their impending adoption of their little girl named Ryah from Ethiopia. In order to afford them the plane tickets to and from Ethiopia to go and pick up their little girl, they are holding an online auction open to anyone and everyone who would like to participate,  featuring handcrafted items from numerous artisans on Etsy, and asked me to be a part of this special event. I knew right away that I’d be donating the little girl’s banner.

All proceeds from their online auction are being put towards their travel/in country costs for their 2nd trip to pick up their little girl Ryah. I would encourage all of you to head on over to Stephanie and her husband’s Blog Something Beautiful and read up on their wonderful story, and hopefully participate in their auction  as well. The online auction  will begin on Oct. 20 at 4pm and will run until Oct. 22 at 10pm EST–but don’t worry, I’ll send you a reminder. All funds raised during this online auction will help unite Ryah will her new mommy and daddy.

Below is some additional information, as well as a little peek at the pink garland that’ll be one of their featured items being auctioned off.

Coalsonadoption Ryah's Auction

For a sneak peek at some of their online auction items you can click {here}.


Don’t you just love the soft pink hues?


I have also listed this little beauty in my shop as a custom item {here}, but this one in particular will go to the highest bidder in Ryah’s auction being held between the 20th and 22nd of October.


Thank you so much for reading and hope you’re having a fabulous day so far!


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