JOY(ous) NOEL & Eat Drink and BE MERRY

stella minded Celebrate the Holidays

Happy Friday! Just received word that our first official “cold front” of the season is expected to come in next Thursday and I can’t wait to have a good chuckle over this one. Dust off the Uggs, break out the scarf and the fleece jacket because it’s almost winter time in SoFlo, ya’ll!

The hubs left me in charge of the planning for this weekend and I’m excited to head out and hunt for some pumpkins in the local “pumpkin patch” so we can decorate our neglected front porch, and hit up the local Green Market that’s opening this weekend in downtown Delray Beach.  He’s all excited for me to actually plan a nice weekend for us, but this reformed control-freak planner loves her schedule-free weekends. Nonetheless, we can’t go through this harvest season without a bunch of pumpkins sitting on our front steps, so rest assured that’s on our weekend bucket list.

In honor of the anticipated “cold front” that’s heading our way, I’ve added a few more Christmas items to the shop that I couldn’t wait to share! I am really lovin’ the metallics this season! What do you think?

With any luck, I’ll be back next week to share what we came up with for our front porch!

Have a terrific weekend!


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