Ryah’s Adoption Auction

Coalsonadoption Auction Photo stella minded

Other than Facebook’s little “glitch” from earlier this morning, how was everyone’s Monday? Mondays aren’t always the easiest, but I’m excited to share with you an update regarding a previous post {here} on the Coalson Adoption.  You can read about Stephanie and Aaron Coalson’s journey {here}, but myself and close to 80 other Etsy shop owners have donated our handmade items which are being featured in the online auction that is taking place NOW, and goes all the way until Tuesday, October 22nd at 10pm EST. All funds raised in this online auction are to pay for the Coalson’s second trip to Ethiopia to pick up their little girl Ryah, and bring her to her new home in North Carolina.

The online auction is taking place on Facebook right {here} and there are some fabulous items being auctioned off, so head on over and place your bids! In order to place a bid, simply “like” their page and place your bid along with your email address underneath the particular item.

stella minded Coalsonadoption Ryah's Auction

This little rag tied fabric and muslin garland is being auctioned off, and you can also find it in my Etsy shop right {here}.

Happy shopping and thank you as always for reading!


2 thoughts on “Ryah’s Adoption Auction

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our story! We are so grateful! The auction has been a great success so far! Can’t wait to see how it ends!!

    • You are most welcome, and I’m so excited for you, Aaron and Ryah! It looks like a lot of people have been bidding so that must feel so wonderful! Have a great night and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

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