It’s Fall, Ya’ll?


I’ve been dying to say that,so thank you for indulging me. Today I’m sharing our Fall front porch,and share a few laughs as well. But before I get to that part, who here actually uses their front door; raise your hands? Who here goes through the garage and prays there isn’t a power outage because they haven’t seen their house keys in years? Obviously I raised my hand, but nonetheless we wanted a semi-festive front entrance for all of those adorable little ghosts and goblins that’ll be knocking on our door in just over a week.

Coming from the Northeast, we’re used to crisp Autumn mornings, hot cups of tea, blankets, sweatpants, and sitting in front of a warm fireplace. Previous years of decorating for fall was pretty simple, and rustic decor was rather abundant. Decorating pretty much consisted of one trip, to one store, and we were home and done. This was however prior to beginning my handcrafting business, and when I had less time to obsess think about every little detail, create Pinterest boards, and drive my husband crazy. Did I just admit to that in writing? I digress. With that being said, here’s a peek at our little set-up of our front porch, Florida style.

Is this a total riot, or what? Cornstalks, pumpkins, mums, burlap, and PALM TREES! When was the last time you were sunburned from putting together your fall vignette?!


After several trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Michael’s, a call to Joann’s (to a woman who I had to nearly spell out the words H-A-Y B-A L-E to), and to countless farmers markets, we finally found a cornstalk! Being so new to this type of climate, let’s see how long this puppy lasts {and how many lizards will be calling this place home in the mean time}. Can we also talk about the one that’s been living in our house for the last couple of weeks? On second thought-never mind.


We picked up some wheat grass at Michael’s in our my frantic search for hay bales and cornstalks this past weekend, and affixed it to the cornstalks with some of my raffia I have on hand. My sisters threw me a rustic themed bridal luncheon before we were married and I got to keep all the extra raffia, which my cat seems to think is his. I credit one of the vendors at the Green Market this past weekend for having such a cool set up at her booth for this idea for the wheat.


I think that sign needs “ya’ll” added to the bottom. It would be most appropriate seeing as all my neighbors are front the north. This past weekend however we met a couple at the beach who were actually FROM here! That just doesn’t happen in this area.

Can we talk about those mums ^ for a second? Ya see, what you should know about me is that while I totally love crafting, and design, and decor, I am totally and completely domestically challenged. For real. So those mums I’m pretty proud of because it’s the first time I’ve ever potted anything, I mean, it was extremely simple, but I’ve never done it until now. So it’s a proud little moment for me.


This little planter was left here when we moved in. I applied a few coats of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to it, and did some light distressing. I’ve actually used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint quite a bit around the house as of recently, and do love how concentrated of a product it is.  So far I’ve painted a wrought iron bench of ours that almost got left behind when we moved, a hook that eventually will make its way onto our laundry room wall to hang our ironing board, one of our pumpkins from my fall decor {post} and some of my Ready to Ship frames in my Etsy shop right {here}. Though I love the results, and the fact that I still have nearly half a can remaining (with a long to-do list), it is quite an expensive product. Luckily, Shayna over at The Wood Grain Cottage shared a post with us right {here} where she made over her Powder Bathroom Vanity using a product called DecorArt Chalky Finish, which is considerably less expensive and seems to do a similar job. That “to-do” list, just may double in size if this product has similar results, and is practically a 3rd of the price. If you don’t follow her blog, you definitely want to! Her home is incredible and she is constantly sharing her brilliant DIY projects that you’ll recognize from Pinterest.


No I’m not showing you my awesome chalkboard writing skills, but wanted to point out the significance of this galvanized bucket holding our mums. Wherever possible, I like to incorporate objects that are meaningful to us, or have some type of significance to places we’ve either visited or lived. This is actually  a sap bucket from the neighbor of my in-laws who still live in Vermont. Their neighbor happens to be a native Vermonter, and during the spring time when the weather starts to thaw and the sap goes from frozen to liquid form, these buckets are used to collect the sap from the maple trees. Using a method called sugaring, a spigot is affixed to the maple tree, and this sap bucket is hung for the sap to collect that drips out of the spigots. The buckets are then collected and brought into the sugar house to boil, and do you know that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup? Pretty neat!

Since my husband had been living in Vermont at the time when we first met, on our first date together he actually showed up with 2 gallons of maple syrup from his parent’s neighbor’s sugar house. He knew the way to a woman’s heart was through food, or for me in particular-sugar.


Do you like my attempt at painting my pumpkins? It was done rather quickly, and hopefully no one else is going to get this close as you are. The “Welcome” banner is from my Etsy {shop} and it’s hanging on a piece of drift wood we picked up at the beach this past weekend.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed our Floridian style fall decor!


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