Autumn Home Tour

 Hi Friends!

I’ve been a little delayed on this post since in theory it’s Autumn, but it still feels just like summer here in South Florida. Besides the climate, most of the homes in our neck of the woods are a Mediterranean style with textured stuccoed walls, red tiled roofs and bright colors – a far cry from our rustic meets traditional taste.   Aside from that –  we rent our home, so we don’t have a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to changing up the features of this home – although we did re-paint the entire 3,000 sqft of this house the first week we moved in! I’ll save my dreams of planked whitewashed walls everywhere for our new home when we move next year. More on that EXCITING news in the months to come!

But nonetheless, the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner (YIPEE!) so it MUST be Autumn somewhere 😉

And without further ramblings, let’s take a peek inside this Autumn in South Florida home, shall we?

stella minded Breakfast Nook 2

One of the things I do love about this home is this little breakfast nook. It’s so bright and airy, and I’m obsessed with those plantation shutters.

stella minded Breakfast Nook 3

Down the street we have the cutest little farmer’s market that sells the most magnificent long stem fresh cut roses! Flowers make my heart so happy, and 2 dozen roses for under $20 makes my wallet do the happy dance 😉

stella minded Breakfast Nook 4

stella minded Entryway 1

Our front entryway, with the other half of those roses from the farmer’s market.

stella minded Entryway 2

Last year I spray painted a bunch of some old orange styrofoam pumpkins I had picked up on clearance from the craft store the year before.

stella minded Entryway 3

stella minded Cork AMPERSAND block FALL

stella minded Fall Living Room Decor 2014 1

How beautiful are these hydrangeas? We had hydrangea bushes in our backyard at our home in upstate NY, and these remind me of them.  We were actually able to dry some of them out and bring them down here with us! And those little pine cones made their way down here from NY too! You never realize how much you’ll miss the little things you grew up enjoying, until you move to an area that doesn’t have them.

stella minded Fall Living Room Decor 2014 2

stella minded Fall Blocks 5

I added these Fall blocks to the shop this year in our Autumn Collection. You can click on each of the pictures to take you to the listings, or visit the shop {here}.

stella minded fall Blocks 1

stella minded Rustic EAT sign 6

stella minded Rustic HARVEST sign 2

stella minded Fall Front Door Decor 2014

Here’s my attempt at giving our South Florida Mediterranean style home a little dose of rustic charm.

stella minded Fall Front Door Decor 2014 2

Okay, so we learned the hard way last year that the blazing heat & real pumpkins do not fare well together, so we invested in a few {shiny} sustainable ones this year 😉

Rustic Rooster

Thanks for stopping by! And now it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas!



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