Thanksgiving Vignette + Free Printable!

stella minded Thanksgiving Vignette & Printable 3

Being an Etsy shop owner, I’ve been working on my Christmas designs since August, and began decorating our home for Autumn in July.  I’m still trying to find that balance where I’m feeling like I have the opportunity to actually celebrate the current season that is in that moment, while looking ahead in anticipation for what might be coming. I believe it’ll come with time; but I’m ahead of where I was last year when I first opened up the shop, so that for sure is a reason to celebrate!

What’s nice is I’ve learned many invaluable lessons from last season, and this year I’m making a reasonable effort to celebrate each of the holidays. I mean, let’s face it – I live in a climate where it feels like summer all year long, so I suspect it’s difficult for anyone here to fully embrace each of the seasons that aren’t normally met with heat & humidity. Up until recently, the holidays meant cozy fires & hot chocolate; heavy coats and snowball fights. Now it’s walks along the beach, flip flops and filling our home with items that feel like the holidays.

But if there’s one thing I’m totally guilty of, it’s skipping out on decorating for Thanksgiving. It’s not intentional – but being decorated since the summer for Autumn, once Halloween is over it’s bring on the Christmas music because I’m in full on Christmas mode!

So this year I decided to change that, and created this simple print for our family room. It’s understated, but compliments our neutral decor. And the quote couldn’t be more perfect.

stella minded Thanksgiving Vignette & Printable 1

Everyday we can find at least one thing to be grateful for.

stella minded Thanksgiving Vignette & Printable 2

And as a THANK YOU to my readers – you can go ahead and click on the link below for a FREE 8×10 printable!

stella minded Halloween Vingette 2

This was our simple Halloween vignette for all the cute little ghosts & goblins coming to our door.

stella minded Halloween Vingette 1


Keep on scrolling for the FREE Thanksgiving printable!

stella minded Thanksgiving Vignette & Printable 3

Free Thanksgiving Printable

And don’t forget to follow on Instagram and Facebook – I’m introducing some new Christmas signs to the Holiday Collection this week and I can’t wait to share!!



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