Touches of Christmas | Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve, sweet friends!

I CANNOT WAIT to spend Christmas in NY with my family this year!  While I just LOVE the warmth of the sun on my skin and the fresh ocean air that the climate in South Florida offers, there’s something so magical about Christmas in NY; but I’m of course biased 😉

 For me, it truly is the most wonderful time of year, and I cannot even fathom the idea of taking down my decorations!

My style is a blend of rustic casual, and cottage coastal. I love anything fresh, simple & clean, COVERED in burlap. But I wasn’t always a simple & clean kinda gal; that’s come only as of recent – recent as that time we sold our home in NY in 4 hours. More on that early next year when I talk about home staging, but through that process I learned that less is more, I’m no longer a fan of clutter, and I can patch a mean hole in plaster!

Shall we get to the touches of Christmas in this South Florida Mediterranean style rental?

Come on in!

stella minded Boxwood Wreath - front door 2

As soon as I heard Trader Joe’s was carrying these boxwood wreaths for $10 this year my husband and I jumped right in the car and off we went! I’m fairly certain it wasn’t how my other half thought his Saturday night was going to pan out, but he knows the way to my heart is through home decor (and handbags and sunglasses), but this Saturday night in particular I only had these boxwoods on my mind.

stella minded Boxwood Wreath - front door

I had envisioned selling these wooden pennant banners in the shop this past Christmas season, but like so many of my other pieces – they never uhh, actually make it into the shop and I end up keeping them for myself.  But they do spruce up this boxwood pretty nicely.

stella minded stockings 1

I finally, FINALLY found my ivory stockings I’ve been trying to find for the past 3 seasons! I mean, they’re out there  – but they’re either not EXACTLY what I’m looking for, or too pricey. These are so simple and clean, and I was able to add my own tags to them. What’s even better is that they’re handmade from an artisan on Etsy! She’s closed now for the holidays, but you can find her shop {here}.

stella minded stockings 2

I purchased these unfinished wooden ornaments from my local craft store last year, stained them, and hand painted the monogrammed letters on each. In case you didn’t know – we are a family of 4.  Our furry babies INDEED need their own stockings.

stella minded Boxwood Wreath - living room

That boxwood really warms up our living room, and I can’t even imagine it not being there after the holidays.

stella minded Christmas 2014 Breakfast Vignette

While my mornings do not always start off with strawberries, roses & granola – they FOR SURE begin with an iced latte. You don’t even want to talk to me until I’ve had at least 8 sips of it.

stella minded Christmas 2014 - living room 2

The natural light that comes into this room is incredible. I love going downstairs first thing in the morning, getting cozy on the couch & drinking my iced latte until the sun comes up.

stella minded Christmas 2014 - living room 3

If we owned this home, those walls would ABSOLUTELY be planked! But for now, it’s a gallery wall of our wedding photos. And believe me, many a weekends begin with – “honey, I know we wouldn’t ever get our money back if we made improvements to this house, but…”

stella minded Christmas 2014 - living room

Full disclosure. I pray that one day that fan just falls out of the ceiling and onto the floor and finds itself un-repairable. This dream also includes us not being home at the time. For now, I’ll continue to edit it from my photos but had to show so you can all appreciate my daily struggle 😉

Did I also mention there’s one more of those beauties in this house? Something that gorgeous cannot be done only once.

stella minded Christmas 2014 Living Room Vinguette 1

Cottage Christmas vignette beside the living room couch.

stella minded family room 1

Oh Christmas tree skirt from 2013, how did you end up in a bucket? Simple. When your husband vacuums it up and shreds the front of it to pieces & you cannot bring yourself to part with it – you shove it in a bucket for the following Christmas.

stella minded Christmas Tree at Night 2

There’s just something about a Christmas tree at night.

The next time you see that wall it’s going to be completely different! Operation put in a faux mantel is underway. Underway = in my dreams. More like, operation – convince your husband that driving screws into a wall in order to affix a rustic beam that looks like a mantel is a TERRIFIC idea!

stella minded Christmas Tree at Night 1

stella minded Christmas Tree at Night 3

What do you think of our Christmas touches? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for stopping by our neck of the woods and hope you have a Merry Christmas!



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