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I’m Stephanie (Stella is a childhood  name and also my name in Polish), visionary behind Stella Minded. I’m a wife, a mommy to 2 crumb snatchin’ furry babies, and the youngest of 5 girls who’s desire for a serious change lead my husband and I down south to the sunshine state.

Stella Minded is a boutique shop that offers a romantic collection of handcrafted rustic, coastal and French inspired designs and decor.   I’ve always had a love for design and decor and what’s wonderful is that I  have the opportunity of working with my customers on a one to one basis, and personalizing my items to compliment their home, or creating the most perfect gift for their loved ones.

stella minded Tree on Beach 2

Stella Minded was a vision I had prior to moving to South Florida as I’ve always had a strong appreciation for home decor, especially items that you won’t find at other retailers. My personal style is rustic, minimalist & clean, combined with coastal cottage elements.


The name ‘Stella’ was a childhood nick-name I was given having been named after my grandmother. I still answer to that name among my family.


Following my creative heart {and mind} was my motivation for opening my Etsy shop; it’s also the inspiration behind each of my pieces in the collection.

Have questions? I’d love to hear from you! Complete the contact form below or send me an email to stellaminded@gmail.com



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