Planked Wood Flag on a Bare Wall

Remember last week when I shared this wall in our touches of Christmas decor post? I realized two things after reviewing those photos; #1 – I neglected to take any pictures of our tree during the day (you’re welcome – … Continue reading

It’s Fall, Ya’ll?


I’ve been dying to say that,so thank you for indulging me. Today I’m sharing our Fall front porch, Continue reading

Stepping Outside of My Comfort Zone

As you’ll quickly come to learn, I’m almost never serious. Although not always possible, I try to find the humor in things; make light of my blonde moments, moments of absolute stupidity <see previous remark> and even the moments that infuriate me at the time. Even the guy that told me to [and I quote] “never call this f’ing number again—you are so f’ing stupid”, when I called to inquire about a moving quote prior to our big move.  I somehow managed to get a good chuckle out of it after crying like a baby. To clarify, the chuckle didn’t come out of him—oh I was definitely losing that number as quickly as I could say YIKES, Continue reading

>>>Branding & Etsy Shop Opening Announcement

Happy Labor Day and hope everyone had a sensational weekend! Did you do anything fun and exciting? Relaxing? If you’re anything like me, I definitely took advantage of the long weekend and threw myself into way too many projects. I may have also snuck in some much needed beach time 😉 Do you ever get a fabulous idea when you’re in the middle of something else, Continue reading