Planked Wood Flag on a Bare Wall

Remember last week when I shared this wall in our touches of Christmas decor post? I realized two things after reviewing those photos; #1 – I neglected to take any pictures of our tree during the day (you’re welcome – … Continue reading

It’s Fall, Ya’ll?


I’ve been dying to say that,so thank you for indulging me. Today I’m sharing our Fall front porch, Continue reading

Peek at Our Fall Decor

Fall Decor
With all of the madness fun and exciting things happening in our new life here, I have to admit that I’ve slightly neglected the house. I’m sure any newbie seller can relate. I’m preparing for Christmas and into the new year, but totally spaced on remembering it’s still actually autumn (although it feels like summer here), so I should probably snap a few pictures of our fall decor and share with ya’ll before I list our holiday items in the shop.

Until recently I’ve always been a fan of clutter. That is until Continue reading